Acerca de los motores Sirus

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Who is our founder?

''Sirus'' was founded by Young Entrepreneur Suat Durmaz. His source of inspiration was Tesla, and he also loves the environment and people who take care of the environment, reflecting this with his passion for electric vehicles. He was adopting technology and the future in his progress works. He supported this with the awareness of the administrative team.

Why did he do it?

First of all, it designed only electric vehicles and marketed clothes and natural clothing made with recycled materials. He invested most of his income in electric vehicle companies.

He wanted to do more to spread his passion for electric vehicles and planned that the solution would put this passion ahead of fossil fuels by closing the gaps that may arise from the comparison of electric vehicles and vehicles using fossil fuels.

What have we done?

Collaboration with

+72 Brands

Sponsorship of

+57 Tesla Owners

Agreement with

+120 Factory


Special Order

Why Sirus?

Sirus Motors es una tienda en línea que marca tendencias en la industria donde puedes acceder a productos de clase mundial y servicio al cliente exclusivo sin salir del cómodo ambiente de tu hogar. Somos un equipo de profesionales innovadores y con visión de futuro que queremos mejorar y mejorar continuamente la experiencia de compra virtual.
En nuestra tienda en línea, que se ha convertido en la nueva dirección de la calidad, ofrecemos constantemente excelentes productos para todos los presupuestos. Explore nuestros productos y comience a comprar ahora.

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Create your dream electric vehicle!

You ask, we'll do it. Do you want to renew your vehicle? Do you want to get the vehicle of your dreams? Want to recreate your vehicle? We are here! Let us prepare your budget-friendly accessory basket professionally according to your wishes and needs by contacting our 24/7 Live Support team with our friendly customer service...

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